Velux Striking Plate pre 2014
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Velux replacement striking plate, this will replace the old style metal plates.

. Velux recommend you replace them along with the locking mechanism (headlock) use Velux grease to lubricate them once every year.

For window codes GGL/GHL/GGU/GHU/GPL - 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,101,102,104,204,206,208,304,306,308,410,606,804,808,C01,C02,C04,C06,F04,F06,F08,M25,M04,M06,M08,M10,M12,P04,P06,P08,P10,S01,S04,S06,S08,S10,U04,U08,U10.

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Velux Striking Plate pre 2014