Velux Spare Parts, Here you can find the most common spare parts that can be changed easily by yourself. If you cannot find the spare part you are looking for or need to obtain information on ordering, please contact us.

Replacement cover parts for the external of Velux Roof Windows

Replacement Velux Sashes, comes complete with glass.

From: £48.00

External trim for parts for Velux windows manufactured after April 2001. This box usually comes with the window when bought new.

From: £29.58 £34.80

A Velux glass conversion kit is required if an existing glass unit with a thickness of 16 mm is exchanged for a unit having a thickness of 24 mm.

Price: £16.80

Velux Butyl sealant 6MM X 4M roll. For sealing Velux glass units.

Price: £18.00 £24.00

Velux Bei pack 1, this box contains 4 x corner brackets (Please notify us if you have a window over 1200mm length as you may need extra brackets) requires 1" screws.

Price: £14.40

Velux L shaped brackets for windows manufactured before April 2001, comes as a box of four.

Price: £8.40

Velux ventilation / opening bar foam, price per metre.

Price: £7.20

Vent casing filter, this comes in 1m lengths, older models will require double sided sticky strips or a hot glue gun to secure.

Price: £36.00

Ventilation / Opening bar, comes complete with foam seal, hinges and pre-varnished for timber models or white polyurethane coating for white windows.

Price: £12.00

Velux replacement striking plate, this will replace the old style metal plates.

Price: £12.00

Striking plate for new generation GGL/GGU roof windows manufactured from 2014 onward.

Price: £14.40

Window Head lock, locking mechanism, Velux advise replacing the striking plate when purchasing the head lock.

Price: £19.20

VELUX centre pivot roof window pivot hinge set of 4 (2 x L/H, 2 x R/H)

Price: £8.40

Velux Extra Strong Friction Hinge Clips ZOZ 114, for use with Velux ZZZ 125 Spring, for Centre pivot roof windows installed in a shallow pitch.

Price: £12.96

Velux Extra Strong Friction Hinge spring for use with Velux Clips ZZZ 114, for Centre pivot roof windows installed in a shallow pitch.

Price: £8.40
Velux lubrication grease, 50ml tube. VELUX recommends lubricating the hinges and locks at least once a year.
Price: £24.00

The barrel bolt allows you to fix the window in an open position. It is located in the top left part of the window, and slides into the bushing at the top of the side frame.

Price: £86.40

Velux GDL P19 Cabrio balcony side rail pack.

Price: £96.00

EDW Flashings for installing roof window in flat or profiled roofing material up to 120mm in profile. For roof pitches from 15º - 90º. Also for interlocking slate, thatch and profile sheeting.

Price: £96.58

Customer Special IPL - X width 790 x Height 514mm.