Modular Skylights allow you to create large areas with direct access to open sky. This creates a wonderful sense of space all around and invites beautiful daylight into places where you never thought possible.

Slim profiles allow more natural light in by reducing the amount of frame. Curved surfaces minimise shadowing effect.

Roller blinds are supported by thin, free-floating wires to create an invisible effect. Blinds are available in three neutral colours that match any interior.

The hidden actuator opens and closes the unit via the remote control or your pre-programmed settings.

With build-in VELUX INTEGRA® intelligent system you control all venting modules and roller blinds directly via the INTEGRA® control pad. Every venting installation is fitted with a rain sensor. Intelligent operation and protection.

Youtube - VELUX Modular Skylights - Fast and easy installation - Longlight

Download - Sub construction.

Installation instructions


VELUX wall-mounted longlight 5-40°– A series of Modular Skylights mounted against a wall.


The VELUX ridgelight 25-40° is a classic looking Self-supporting rooflight.