VELUX flashing kits are designed to integrate your VELUX roof window perfectly into the roofing material, ensuring that your window is completely weather tight, whatever the conditions. We offer a range flashings designed for different roofing materials and provide two options for installation height.


VELUX provide a range of flashing options to suit your roofing material and window combinations.

From: £26.10 £34.80

Velux BDX 2000 Insulation collar for EDL/EDP/EDZ/EDW flashings, also includes BFX underfelt collar.

From: £83.70 £111.60

Velux BDX 2011 Insulation collar for EBL/EBW/EBP/ twin flashings with 18mm gap.

From: £83.70 £111.60

Velux BDX 2011 Insulation collar for EKL/EKW/EKP/ twin flashings with 100mm gap.

From: £18.00 £24.00

Velux BFX 1000 under felt collar and transverse drainage gutter.

From: £18.90 £25.20

Velux BBX 0000 Vapour barrier which is 100% vapour-tight and prevents condensation.

From: £46.80 £62.40

Velux LSG 1000 Lining kits, including BBX vapour barrier.