Thanks to their latest selection of specially designed VELUX blinds, you can not only control the amount of light a room receives, but its direction and quality too. Each style of blind has a specific purpose, whether you're looking to soften the light or even block it out completely.

These are the only blinds specifically designed and manufactured by VELUX to fit VELUX roof windows with a massive 38% discount! please be aware of other sites selling cheap non-genuine blinds for VELUX roof windows.

Delivery is a one off £4.80 charge for UK customers.

For Electric/solar operated blinds and White lined options, please select the blind type, colour and size and you will be given these options with the prices.

From: £44.64 £72.00

This high quality blackout blind can be set in any position on the window. Choose from 48 different colours and designs.

From: £56.54 £91.20

Velux Roman Blinds, 20 elegant and decorative colours with interchangeable fabric.

From: £44.64 £72.00

An effective and practical solution that offers protection and good looks. Available in 37 colours and three operation methods.

From: £64.73 £104.40

A combination of the Blackout and Pleated Blinds. Available in four colours (Blackout Blind) in combination with a white Pleated Blind.

From: £44.64 £72.00

Soft light and decorative effect. Choose from over 40 different colours and patterns and two methods of operation.

From: £56.54 £91.20

Control the amount and direction of the light entering your room. Choose from nine colours and two methods of operation.

From: £56.54 £91.20

VELUX energy blinds combine the elegant look of classic pleated blinds with the insulating power of aluminium coating keeping heat in during winter. Available in 9 different colors.

From: £196.42 £316.80

Velux electric/solar external awning blind, reduce the heat from the sun on hot summer days, Weather resistant fabric for long lasting performance.